these shoes are made for walking (New Zealand 15)

In today’s adventures : hiking. (period)
Today at breakfast, we ended up with a very funny couple of Brits. After their hopeless attempts to get us interested in cricket, we went of for a day on the Franz Josef Glacier.
Franz Josef Glacier is the starting point for a great hike in these lovely mountains. So we took full advantage. We walked up to the foot of the mountain, to a great pool (Peter’s pool) where I could take some great pictures in the reflection of the water, to a viewing point over the glacier and to a lake nearby (Wombat Lake).

Franz Jozef Glacier - Peters Pool

At the end of the afternoon, we were in urgent need for sugar, and went back to town. We had a quick, but by New Zealand standards (more about that later) good meal. Tomorrow we will be spending most of our day in the car, so an early night today.
Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand, the 22nd of January, 2011


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