The multiplied power of a dollar

By now you probably already know that I’m running a crowd funding campaign for my Antarctica Expedition of early next year. But did you know that donating just one dollar can be worth several more in the campaign?

  • Every time some one checks out the video (see below), the kickstarter platform notices.
  • Every time someone follows a link to the campaign, the platform registers that.
  • Every time someone donates, even a dollar, the campaign is considered more successful.

When these things happen in a short time, Kickstarter brings the project in the discovery part. More people now see the campaign. So in the second week of the campaign, it would be great if we could get even better than the fourth place.

That’s why a donation of a dollar can be the difference to get more viewers on the page, generating a multiplier effect on this one dollar!

Check out my campaign video:


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