Quinta Jardins Do Lago, Funchal Madeira

On one of our trips to Madeira, we stayed in this cozy Hotel

Quinta Jardins Do Lago

Quinta Jardins Do Lago

Quinta Jardins Do Lago is a very nice hotel. It has character! The hotel overlooks Funchal. The antique looking house gives it a nice charm. The gardens that seem to have given Quinta Jardins Do Lago its name, are large and make the hotel feel as if it’s not in a city, but far outside town. You can walk from the hotel to the center of town in less than 15 minutes. Keep in mind: the walk back is uphill.


The hotel provides an outdoor pool. So on the days you’re not walking the Levada, or enjoying a round of golf, you ‘ll know where to find me. The place was in a pristine condition. There’s a cricket game ready for you to play in the garden, but I think I lack some rather English genes to appreciate this for the fullest.

The restaurant is accommodated to have breakfast outside.

This was our favorite hotel in Madeira, till we discovered the Estalagem in Ponta do Sol. That’s the moment this hotel downgraded (for us, that is) to the best hotel in Funchal :-)



  1. Parking on site
  2. The small terrace at the room is an ideal place to end the day
  3. The pool – nice, clean, large enough
  4. The gardens: beautiful, and fun to hang out


  1. The restaurant’s kitchen is outdated
  2. The quality label of the bed reads “concrete” ;-) . Meaning: no real comfort here