Padama Hotel

Padama Hotel – Lima, Peru

The Padama hotel is a budget-friendly hotel, in the city of Callao (Lima). I stayed in this hotel at the start of my trip in Peru.

The Padama Hotel

Lima is the capital of Peru. The city of Lima is made of 30 districts. The Padama hotel is situated in the district of Callao. That district hosts the harbor and the airport. The hotel has 6 floors, where the lower floor combines a reception area with a garage for the cars of the hotel. The sixth floor has a room where breakfast is served. In a corner, there’s a shared computer and a small kitchen.
The hotel has free wifi.

The Room

My room had a large (queen size) bed, two chairs, and a fridge. It had plenty of space and conveniently located power plugs. I found out that this isn’t something you can take for granted in Peru. To my surprise, the minibar had cigarettes.

Room in the Padama hotel, Lima
Room in the Padama Hotel, Lima

The bathroom was recently modernized, but the cleaning was not done to the perfection one would have hoped for.

My room was at the backside of the hotel, away from the street, and was a very quiet one.

Airport transfer

Padama hotel
Padama hotel

I arrived pretty late in Lima, and I’m aware of the bad reputation of Lima airport. I had arranged the hotel to pick me up. A very friendly man was indeed waiting for me, and drove me to the hotel (that’s under 15 minutes). I compared the cost of the hotel transfer later with the cost of that transfer with Uber, and it turns out the cost of the hotel is lower.


Padama Hotel is a great hotel if you’re looking for a safe and comfortable place when flying in and out of Lima. It is however located over an hour from Miraflores, so not the hotel I’d pick to discover Lima. It was cheap accommodation, with all the basics, and a good (be it limited) breakfast.

Room in the Padama hotel, Lima
Room in the Padama hotel, Lima