Pack and Go!

The first days of 2011: our countdown to a (well deserved!) long holiday in New Zealand. Kind of surreal, packing summer clothes while sneezing and recovering from a flue…

All our gentle house-sitters have received final instructions (and we have locked our wine cellar!). We have asked the people at LHR to ensure this time a smooth transfer. We haven’t forgotten the issues of the previous days or the great fun we had when opening terminal 5 :-)

Despite the fact that I travel a lot, I feel more excited for this trip than for any of the over 70 takeoffs in 2010. For both Vicky and me, this will be by far the longest time away from the job we ever experienced.

Anyway, before we leave for the other end of the world, we wish you all a great 2011!!!!

Koen & Vicky

New Zealand Countryside

(Image by Trey Ratcliff – Flickr)


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