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Sperm whale tail

Photographing a sperm whale tail is something you hope for when sailing out. When we arrived that morning in Kaikoura, on the New Zealand South Island, a storm warning was in effect. Kind of a bummer, but I decided to go anyway. Not too many people on the boat: the bad weather kept most people away. Read more

Christchurch Airport

The end of our New Zealand trip

All good things come to an end… Christchurch Airport would be our last stop on this amazing journey in a wonderful country.
Our last morning had the sadness of a near departure in it. The chef in The Jane Hostel managed to serve eggs benedict with a hollandaise sauce that had failed. It felt like only a couple of days since we arrived in Auckland, and now the adventure came to an end (for this episode!). We loaded our luggage in the car and went off to the Christchurch airport.

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Christchurch: the end of our trip is near

Christchurch will be the final stop in this tour around New Zealand. No reason not to explore this city as good as any other places we visited.

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Lake Tekapo - New Zealand

Turquoise Lake, New Zealand

We are approaching the end of our fantastic journey in Lake Tekapo, with its turquoise lake and overambitious B&B.

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Happy Feet, New Zealand

In today’s adventures: koen and vicky stand eye-to-(yellow-)eye with a penguin on the shores of New Zealand.
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As South as it gets, for now

A day where we travel below the 46th parallel.
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Close Encounters in New Zealand

An interesting, non-typical day.
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The view in the morning from Fiordland Lodge

Nice Sounds, sounds nice

A rainy day in our New Zealand adventure today. We end it at a very coze lodge in Te Anau.
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Koen Blanquart in Queenstown, New Zealand

Tourists in New Zealand!

Today, we leave the deserted glaciers and arrive in the most touristy town on the journey: Queenstown.

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