Grizzly bears – Brown bears, Alaska

Grizzly bears were the reason why I flew from New York to Alaska. I wanted to meet the real version of the teddy bear!

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Getting Ready for the trans Europe and trans Asia

After months of preparation, the trip to Beijing and Hanoi (by train) is about to start. This is not just a digital nomad episode anymore: this is where journey and stay merge.

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Harp Seal Pup in Canada

Video: seeking the harp seal pups in Canada

The Goodbyes of New York

When you live in New York for a couple of years and not all of your friends are native born New Yorkers, you might notice that you seem to be invited to more farewell parties than you had before you came here. New York is a transit city, so I present you The Goodbyes of New York… Read more

Things to do in Bryant Park

Bryant Park

Bryant Park is located in Midtown Manhattan, on the two blocks surrounded by the Avenue of the Americas, Fifth Avenue, West 42nd Street, and West 40th Street.

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Rodin - the thinker

Rodin Museum in Philadelphia

I knew the French sculptor Rodin, best known from his work “Le Penseur/The Thinker” as a European artist. So I was happy to find this museum on one of my trips to Philadelphia.

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La mission, lm boutique hotel, Puerto aventuras, Mexico

I stayed for my workation in Mexico in this small boutique hotel. A review.

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Swimming with turtles in Akumal, Mexico

Mexico isn’t as cheap as one would expect/hope. But some things are free. Snorkeling in Akumal, and swimming with turtles, is!

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Diving in the Cenotes, Mexico

Diving in the Cenotes in Mexico was at the same time my first scuba dive in a cavern and the first in freshwater. Since I started diving, I had only been diving in saltwater. And what a great environment to experience this.

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Ticker Tape Parade in NYC!

When a public event in NY that exists for about 130 years, only happened 5 times in the past 15 years, it’s worth taking the time to be there!
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