Hiking another great mountain in New Zealand

The day we meet our next New Zealand Mountain: mount Taranaki, or if you prefer: mount Egmont.

After the festival of light we visited in New Plymouth yesterday, Vicky was not OK from food we had earlier that day. This morning, she was a little better but I still had to have my breakfast alone. As the owner of the B&B were we stay is on vacation, he seems to have hired his son for the breakfast part at the Nice Hotel. There could have been more elegant choices: “well done” means “black on the bottom side” today…

The big news here today comes from the Pike River mine on the south island where the search for the miners is stopped. It is the conversation topic for this day wherever we stop on our way.

By eleven, Vicky is feeling better and good enough to conquer mount Taranaki (Mount Egmont). So we went up there and had a little walk. The initial plan of climbing the top was abandoned due to a combination of Vicky recuperation and my muscles still complaining about our Tongariro experience.

Mount Egmont / Mount Taranaki

We ended our day driving the 45 highway, called surf highway and had a great diner at the Nice Hotel’s restaurant, called Table. The staff that works here for diner seems to be better running when the boss is out of town than his own son.

New Plymouth, New Zealand, the 14th of January, 2011


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