Lake Tekapo - New Zealand

Turquoise Lake, New Zealand

We are approaching the end of our fantastic journey in Lake Tekapo, with its turquoise lake and overambitious B&B.

Lake Tekapo, here we come!

We left Dunedin after Eva treated us with another excellent breakfast and even gave us some bite to eat for down the road. It’s sad to leave the Penguins of New Zealand behind.

Baldwin Street, Dunedin, New Zealand

Dunedin is not only famous for its yellow-eyed penguins, but for its steepest street in the world too. Eat your heart out, San Francisco: here is Baldwin Street, Dunedin. The day wasn’t the best weatherwise, but when you come here on a beautiful day, Baldwin Street is a picture-perfect location. Crooked New Zealand!

a house in baldwin street, dunedin - the steepest street in the world

Baldwin Street – Dunedin

Moeraki Boulders

After some two hours driving, we arrived at the Moeraki boulders. The movement of the water shaped these boulders in an almost entirely round shape over the past centuries. Next time, we will get here at low tide, but even now we had some great shots here:

moeraki boulders, New Zealand

Moeraki – boulders on the beach

Lake Tekapo

Later in the afternoon, we arrived in Lake Tekapo. The lake has this great color:

lake Tekapo, or Teka Po with its unique turquoise color

Lake Tekapo in New Zealand

The turquoise blue color of Lake Tekapo is created by what seems to be called rock flour: the glaciers grind rock into fine dust. These suspended particles in combination with the sunlight make for Lake Tekapo’s unique color of the water. We took some time to see the sunset next to it. A unique experience!
Our Bed and Breakfast, the Lake Tekapo Luxury Lodge, was not luxury at all, and we had the most unfriendly host in all our stays in New Zealand. Can someone please help this women to get rid of an apparent vinegar addiction? To find more funny (but accurate) descriptions on these wannabe lodge-owners, check their TripAdvisor comments. We will stay here one night and have no urge whatsoever to extend our stay here.


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