Koen Blanquart, writing
Koen Blanquart writing

Koen Blanquart is a startup veteran. His mission is to help companies tap into the soul of corporate social responsibility. Through artistic and technology projects around the world, such as photo and video documentaries, he helps companies highlight their CSR efforts: he proactively shows how their actions support their values. Whether he’s photographing grizzly bears in remote Alaska, riding on the trans-Siberian railway, or crewing a small sailboat in Antarctica, he brings an eco-sensibility to his work, lives rough, and captures pristine footage for clients’ projects.

Koen delivers the stories he collects via this website and his blog, in pictures and videos, in his books, and when acting as a keynote speaker. You can find More information about Koen Blanquart on his website koenblanquart.com.

US Base, Belgian accent:

Koen was born in Belgium. After living in several countries around the globe, he moved to the USA. Today Koen is based in both New York City and Panama City, while he tries to combine his work and assignments with travel as much as he can. He lives a larger part of the year as a digital nomad. Koen combines his passion for technology, business development, and startups with the life of a photo-documentarist. Koen reports about Remote Work Practices, Location Independent work and life, and the evolution of society caused by information technology. (You can’t erase 25 years of visionary work in Tech), about NYC, ecology,  and about travel itself. He published his first book, Boarding Today for Antarctica, in the summer of 2016. (There’s a crowdfunding that tells you all about it!)

Remote work – management book

Koen Blanquart’s most recent book shows managers and business owners how to take advantage of remote and hybrid work formats. The book was published in Dutch in 2021 by Pelckmans Publishers as “Thuisvoordeel“. The French and English editions are expected in the winter of 2021-2022.

Koen Blanquart

The City of New York licensed him as a tour guide. When time permits, Koen organizes guided photo tours in New York City, in collaboration with Be NY

When he’s not traveling or taking pictures, Koen Blanquart runs a consulting company supporting organizations going through strategic changes, acquisitions, and internationalization. He’s co-founder and advisor in multiple large and small companies, mainly in a strategic-technology role.

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Koen is an accredited journalist with the IAPP since 2015[/column]

Twitter: @KBLANQUA
Facebook: / KoenBlanquart

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