Jam Hotel Brussels, Review

The Jam Hotel opened this summer in Brussels. When I needed a central, comfortable and affordable location, I gave it a try.

The Jam Hotel

The Jam Hotel is located at walking distance from the petite ceinture in Brussels, and from the Justice Palace. A walk to the center takes less than 20 minutes. The hotel has bicycles if you think this is too long a walk.

Signs at the Jam Hotel in Brussels have a tongue-in-cheek aspect.
Signs at the Jam Hotel have a tongue-in-cheek aspect.

The reception at the ground floor gives immediately a good impression of what to expect. A cozy stay, but no crazy luxury. I have met several staff at the reception, the next always even friendlier than the last one. At the Jam hotel, the directions to the staff are apparently to be friends with clients. I would suspect somebody had used the manual of the W Hotels when training these staff.


The bed in the Jam Hotel room in Brussels
The bed in the Jam Hotel room

The room on the third floor of the Jam Hotel had a double bed, a comfortable mattress and a cover that will keep you in bed longer than you planned for. The room is finished in wood, giving it a cheap but modern aspect. Functionality is key, without eliminating the comfort. Only when the doors were chosen, a bit more expensive than these cardboard ones that don’t stop a sound would have been appropriate.


The Jam hotel is close to many good restaurants of all budgets in Brussels. The area of Avenue Louise in Ixelles/Elsene has some good snack-bars and dining places. All in walking distance. I’ll review some of them in my later Thursday reviews.


The cost of my nights here: 1 booked via a hotelsite and one directly with the hotel were about Euro 60 / night. For this quality in this location a bargain. Booking (and helping us keeping this site running) this and other hotels in Brussels can via our Partner Agoda!



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