Hiroshima is unlike any place I visited. No other place had such a devastating attack against it civilians, and no other place has so much focus on peace, rather than seeking to blame the aggressor.

Arriving in Hiroshima was a weird experience. The city is a vibrant place, where people walk the streets as they do in so many places around the world. And still, it’s the first place where the atomic bomb was used on the battlefield (and against civilians…)

We arrived by Shinkansen in Hiroshima.
In the Hiroshima train station, well stuck away, there’s a locker where you can store your backpack. If we would not have asked an attendant in the station, there is zero chance we would ever have found this place.

We took a taxi from the railway station to the memorial.

A-Bomb Dome, the former Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall
The remains of the former Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall are now known as The A-Bomb Dome. The one major construction that remained standing after the impact of the bomb that exploded above it.
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
The whole Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park area is an impressive monument. The whole idea behind it is remembering what happened and at the same time preventing this to happen again.
Hiroshima the museum
The museum in Hiroshima, where the walls show the devastation in each of the directions where one can look.