Guest blogging, guest posting, call it as you like. At Boarding Today, we like to work with people who like to get their unique story out. We are happy to hear your stories and post your life-changing experiences working as a digital nomad or experienced traveler.

Why guest blogging?

For a blogger, there are several advantages of guest posting:

Getting quality traffic

Being a guest blogger on Boarding Today will create a new source of traffic to your website.


A high rank in the search engines, don’t we all would like that? The domain authority is an important factor in the way google looks at a blog. Incoming links (backlinks) to your domain are an important element in improving the ranking.Every time a guest blog is published, you create a new link to your blog via the bylines.

Feedback and comments on another platform

As your post on Boarding Today will start a dialogue with a new audience than the one that visited your blog in the past, you’ll get new insights, new eyes and maybe even new fans.

How to submit your story?

The easiest way is to pitch the story via the form below. We’ll get back to you in a few days, to finetune. But, if you KNOW that we’ll be thrilled, you could just upload your article via our post-form.

We don’t pay for guest posts.

We are happy to share your biography or any stories about your life changing experience working as a digital nomad. Also we don’t ask you to share our posts on your website or social media, but of course, we would love it if you do.

Pitch your idea:

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Guest post guidelines

First: Please do not (not) submit any type of sponsored posts, please direct your advertising inquiries to
Second, if you like to write for us, and need some ideas on what about, keep scrolling down!
So, if you’re interested in submitting a guest post for Boarding Today, please read on: we’ll let you know what we look for, and how to submit your work.

Content Strategy:

We write for travelers and digital nomads alike, but at the same time we know many of our readers are not on the road as much as we do, and they just love the stories of the locations and the adventures. As documentary makers, our site attracts producers and alike as well.


Before you submit, can you answer “yes” to these questions:

  1. Would you share this article if you found it online? Would your (social) friends or your network share it?
  2. Is it visually appealing, are there enough visual elements included for someone skimming on the phone?

How does guest blogging for Boarding Today works? Here’s the ideal process:

    1. Use the form on this page to pitch your blogpost. If you submit an article before talking to us, there’s a very (!) slim chance it ever appears here;
    2. Koen, who’s the founder of Boarding Today, loves photography and photojournalism. So all images you come up with are your own. In case you are NOT the creator, you’ll provide us with the necessary documentation to show you’re allowed to use these images. We might or might not use the images you provide. Images larger than 1600 pixel on the longer side, and 72dpi are preferred. For the featured image, we look an image that has 7,82width x 3,16high.
    3. Please submit via our guest blogging form only
    4. Provide us with a bio (3 lines), a headshot and a link to your blog/website
    5. The article itself cannot include links to your website (link in bio is fine, see higher). We’re not a ree platform to sell your stuff.We like making sure with you that we proivide outstanding content here, so yes for links as reference.
    6. Please ensure your photo is uploaded and registered with the mail address you use here, on before you submit
    7. If you have a Facebook, let us know so we can tag you in posts of your article!

    • We use simple formatting: <h2>and <h3> for headlines. <strong><em>to format, and  <li>lists when needed. Need something more: talk to us
    • We reserves the right to make minor edits. If it doesn’t fit our requirements, we’ll let you know.
    • Please use spell check and check your grammar.
    • Did you spellchecked?
    • Content should be 500-750 words. Shorter articles will not be accepted, and contact us if your article will be longer than 750 words.
    • Your article is new and original (Read: it was not previously published, anywhere).
    • Since your guest article is not sponsored content, we’ll take out links that appear to be sponsored and/or advertising

    What We Want:

    Right now, we are on the hunt for the following topics:

    • getting started as a digital nomad
    • being a digital nomad as couple
    • dating as digital nomad
    • how to live without a pet, as you travel so much
    • location to work from
    • on the road with kids

    Other ideas always welcome!