Food for Belgians in New Zealand

Today, our New Zealand travel gets us on a quest to Wildlife. We drive to Kaikoura, were the whale-hunters have changed their living to whale-watchers.

Our morning started in the lovely Peppertree lodge, where our splendid day of yesterday ended, after we crossed over by ferry from Wellington to Picton. The Swiss couple that runs this B&B are not only great people with whom we had a great contact here, but Heidi makes this wonderful Bircher-Musli. Breakfast was another joy here.
We spend the morning doing nothing. For Vicky that was enjoying the garden. For me it was time to update the pictures we took earlier and to give the blog its update.

Awatere, Marlborough sounds - NZ

Awatere, Marlborough sounds – NZ

We took off, direction Kaikoura, driving trough the wonderful Marlborough Sounds. Beside the wine and the olive oil, also a pretty landscape to drive trough.
We made two memorable stops. The first at The Store (that’s the name of that shop), where one can eat delicious pastry and lunch. If any of you ever drives from Blenheim to Kaikoura, you MUST make a stop here. The view over the ocean makes the great cuisine even taste better… A second memorable stop was at Nins Bin. A busy caravan at the board of the ocean where you can eat the freshest Crayfish we have ever tasted. (These are real Belgians: they drive 100 kilometers and the two stops they make is to eat…)
Crayfish at Nins Bin

Crayfish at Nins Bin

A Fur Seal on a beach near Kaikura

Fur Seal

When we made it to Kaikoura, we spotted a fur seal laying on the beach. We later visited the seal colony on Kaikoura and spotted an Albatross. The wildlife here is great. And tomorrow we go seek the whales in the morning! The forecast is pretty bad weather, so let’s hope we can set sail for these animals.

Kaikura, New Zealand, the 17th of January, 2011


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