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Railway Bridge in Russia

Trans Mongolian Railway: Irkutsk – Ulaanbaatar

Back on the Trans Mongolian Railway: Nearly two weeks since I started discovering Russia. Now on the train to switch countries. Mongolia, here I come!

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Lake Baikal

Irkutsk & Lake Baikal

My last stop on this trip in Russia is Irkutsk. I visit Lake Baikal, but she’s hiding in fog and smoke.

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Train with Tiger Print – Yekaterinburg to Irkutsk

On the third leg of my Trans Siberian train trip, a train with tiger prints goes from Yekaterinburg to Irkutsk.

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Yekaterinburg: Where Asia Meets Europe

Yekaterinburg had given me a run for my money when I searched my hotel, so now I wanted to see what the city was all about.

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Trans Siberian Railway Train

The Trans Siberian railroad, 125 years

The history of the Trans Siberian railroads is a fascinating one. Since I’m spending some time riding it, it’s the right moment to have a look at what happened over the past 125 years:

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The Art Hostel in Yekaterinburg – the search

I arrived in the middle of the night in Yekaterinburg. I booked with the Art Hostel in Yekaterinburg. Now, I just needed to find it.

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Trans Siberian Train in Moscow

Trans Siberian Railway – Leg 1 – Moscow to Yekaterinburg

After the travel between London and Moscow, after meeting amazing people, after taking a break in Moscow, I was ready to board the Trans Siberian Railway!

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Moscow Metro

The Moscow Metro (Subway) in images

The subway system in Moscow, the Moscow Metro, is not only extremely well-organized. It has a set of stunning stations. If you’re visiting Moscow, it’s worth to spend half a day in the metro. Go from station to station, and look at how incredibly beautiful it is.

During my stay in Moscow, I had some days with pretty bad weather. The subway is the perfect rain activity in this extraordinary city. And having wifi and cell phone reception in the system is something we in New York still dream about in 2016…

Access to the Moscow railway system will cost you 50 Russian Ruble. That’s about 0.8 US$ today. Getting tickets will need you to stand in line at a the “KACCA“, and order the amount of rides you need. The universal language of holding up as many fingers as you need rides will do the trick. Slide over the corresponding money, and you’ll get the tickets. The gates system is pretty interesting: the gates are open by default. I mostly see systems with closed gates, only to open when you show your token and/or pay. This system will stay open, unless you try to pass without paying. In that case the doors will shut down when you try to pass.

In the depth

Taking the escalators to descend in the Moscow Metro Stations
Taking the escalators to descend in the Moscow Subway Stations

When you enter the subway, be ready to descend. The Moscow subway is the deepest subway system I’ve used till this day.

There is a strict one-way system in place across all halls and doors of the subway system. It makes the system pretty smooth to navigate. Transfer stations are nicely indicated. The only flaw` in the plan is when you haven’t memorized the cyclic names of the stations. In the first days, till I got used to the letters, I used the dashes to find them. Not many stations have double names, and the dash is universal Cyrillic and English. Finding stations on the map such as Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya (Арбатско-Покровская) make your life a bit easier.

Center line

Line 5 is a center line, that makes a circle around Moscow. As most (all?) stations on this line serve the 5 line itself as well as the line they cross, some have two stunning sets of platforms. There is a story in Moscow that the circle line wasn’t on the map, but that Stalin had put his cup of coffee on the subway map, leaving a brown ring on it. He allegedly told his architects that’s how he wanted this extra subway line,  and that’s according to the story why this line is brown on the map.

Moscow Metro Images

You may take images in the Moscow Metro. (not video…) So you’ll have to use a camera that looks like a still camera if you would like some moving images. When I started taking pictures, some police officers, patrolling military or some metro employees would typically start watching me when I arrived, but as I acknowledged their presence and not stopped, they let me continue. The most trouble I had in the Moscow Metro to take pictures was with Argentinian tourists who asked me to step aside so they could take a picture as well.

Whenever I make it back to Moscow, taking a day the tine to get some better shots that do this artwork justice, will be in the planning.

Moscow, Russia

Zdravstvuyte, Moscow (Hello Moscow!)

Moscow! The city where the Trans Siberian Railway departs, and so much more.

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Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

A (too) short stop to Saint Petersburg is next on the travel that brings me from London via Beijing to Hanoi.

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