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The Goodbyes of New York

When you live in New York for a couple of years and not all of your friends are native born New Yorkers, you might notice that you seem to be invited to more farewell parties than you had before you came here. New York is a transit city, so I present you The Goodbyes of New York… Read more

Things to do in Bryant Park

Bryant Park

Bryant Park is located in Midtown Manhattan, on the two blocks surrounded by the Avenue of the Americas, Fifth Avenue, West 42nd Street, and West 40th Street.

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Grand Central Terminal in New York

Grand Central Terminal – NYC

Grand Central Terminal in New York City

Grand Central Terminal in New York City

Ever since I came as a tourist to New York, Grand Central Terminal made the impression on me. The combination of the history of trains being the backbone in the dicovery of the USA, combined with the memory of the men who made New York City to the city it is today, make it my favorite symbol of the big apple.

Since I became a tourguide for Be NY, I had the chance to bring so many tourists to this incredible location.

When mister Vanderbilt had obtained the quasi monopoly of the trains, he needed a place to centralise his new toys. Boys and toys, the rich version… And he ordered Grand Central Terminal to be built in the center of Manhattan.