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Trans Mongolian Train – heading for Beijing

The Trans Mongolian route continues: After a couple of days in Ulan Bator, time to add some train-miles.

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Ulan Bator

A break in Ulan Bator, Visit Mongolia

After I visit Mongolia in the countryside, I had a couple of days in the capital again to regroup and get ready for the next part of my Trans European and Trans Asian adventure.

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Unexpected return

A day where the plans change, rather drastically, in Mongolia.

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Karakorum, the Mongolia Countryside, and the broad definition of a Hotel

Today I visit Karakorum, more breathtaking views of Mongolia, and have a rising concern about the pile of plastic in the countryside. Another day discovering central Asia.

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Przewalski’s horses in Khustain Nuruu National park

A day in Khustain Nuruu, where the Przewalski’s live

A day with lots more driving, and seeing the Przewalski horses in Khustain Nuruu National park.

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Statue of Genghis Khan

Face to face with Genghis Khan

Ulaanbaatar had been my home for two days before it was time to start the discovery of Genghis Khan’s country

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Ulan Bator – Ulaanbaatar

Ulan Bator or Ulaanbaatar is the next stop on the Trans-Mongolian train. The trip during the night went from the Mongolian border to the capital of Mongolia. I stay a couple of days in the city before taking some time to discover the inland.

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Railway Bridge in Russia

Trans Mongolian Railway: Irkutsk – Ulaanbaatar

Back on the Trans Mongolian Railway: Nearly two weeks since I started discovering Russia. Now on the train to switch countries. Mongolia, here I come!

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Trans Siberian Railway Train

The Trans Siberian railroad, 125 years

The history of the Trans Siberian railroads is a fascinating one. Since I’m spending some time riding it, it’s the right moment to have a look at what happened over the past 125 years:

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Europe & Asia via the Trans Siberia Route

Koen’s new journey is about to start. This time it’s all about exploring Europe and Asia. Wherever possible, I’ll be trying to travel by train or ferry. A slower way of traveling should bring a nice pace to collect some impressions and meet some people.

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