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Sperm whale tail

Photographing a sperm whale tail is something you hope for when sailing out. When we arrived that morning in Kaikoura, on the New Zealand South Island, a storm warning was in effect. Kind of a bummer, but I decided to go anyway. Not too many people on the boat: the bad weather kept most people away. Read more

Whales in New Zealand

The day started early. One can not leave Kaikoura without trying to see whales in New Zealand up close. That is unless the day is stormy and one is suffering from seasickness.

Yesterday, we ended the day in the Fyffe Lodge, just outside Kaikoura. You can read about that food-themed day here. The hosts are very friendly people, the lodge was great, but the restaurant has had its better days. The host cooked us a meal last night, but the restaurant was nearly empty en we heard the sound of the microwave a little too often. If these hosts would stick to just managing this bed and breakfast, it would be a much better experience for guests (and hosts).

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Food for Belgians in New Zealand

Today, our New Zealand travel gets us on a quest to Wildlife. We drive to Kaikoura, were the whale-hunters have changed their living to whale-watchers.
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