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Warsaw in a hurry, or “Times and timezones”

Thinking I had a day in Berlin to sleep in a bit before heading to Warsaw, was actually a planning error!

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Berlin, Germany

A stop in Berlin, Germany

When Kennedy came to Berlin, he spoke the famous words “Ich bin ein Berliner” and Reagan called out Gorbachev here. I’m outgunned by the history of the city when trying to give my impressions about my passage here.

I’m in Berlin as a stop on my Trans Europe and Asia projects, after a stop in Cologne.

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Night train between Cologne (Koln) and Berlin

After spending a day in Cologne, I was excited to get on the night train towards Berlin.  Read more


In this fast rhythm towards my next assignment, I could -luckily- add a day to start the discovery of Cologne.

I checked out that morning from the Jam hotel in Brussels. A friend who helped in the Brussels part of a project was kind enough to pick me up and bring me to the Brussels Midi station. The Thalys train brought me from Brussels to Cologne at record speed. With one hour and 45 minutes, the world is really getting smaller! Even with seven minutes delay at departure. Another leg in the Trans Europe and Asia Project completed! I had no real plan on how to spend the day here, but I remembered from the only other time I was here that the railway station was very close to the Dom. So at least one must-see was for sure on the plan.

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Europe & Asia via the Trans Siberia Route

Koen’s new journey is about to start. This time it’s all about exploring Europe and Asia. Wherever possible, I’ll be trying to travel by train or ferry. A slower way of traveling should bring a nice pace to collect some impressions and meet some people.

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