Alaska: Off the beaten path

For any adventure traveler, Alaska should be on the bucket list. This largest state of the United States deserves a multi-day stay.


The state of Alaska is different from the lower 48. I’ve visited on a few occasions to spend time with the camera in nature. Wilderness explorers spend time in Denali or # to see Grizzly bears, or in the wide-open spaces to watch bald eagles catching salmon in the rivers. It’s one of the best places to watch the Northern Lights.


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Grizzly bears – Brown bears, Alaska

Grizzly bears were the reason why I flew from New York to Alaska. I wanted to meet the real version of the teddy bear!

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Alaska, overtime

Drinking coffee, in a small town in the southeast part of Alaska, wondering if the weather will clear soon, so I can fly to Juneau, and get back home to New York, after a photography trip.

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