Curacao, the Dutch-Caribbean mix

A short break in Curacao!

Curacao makes, with Aruba and Bonaire, the Dutch Antilles. Curacoa has a unique mix of industry, technology, and tourism.

We stayed in the Lions Dive Resort, an OK resort for the Caribean. Just a small week away from the cold in New York City, soaking up some sun (and cocktails).

SAunset drinks in Curacao

Diving on Curacao

As a scuba diver, I was a bit disappointed by the diving on Curacao. The stories I had heard were not matched by my own experiences. The state of the coral and the rather limited sightings might have been seasonal. Friends told me that Bonaire would be the better choice for diving. But since I was here for only a week, I wasn’t ready to move to another island based on hope.