Christchurch: the end of our trip is near

Christchurch will be the final stop in this tour around New Zealand. No reason not to explore this city as good as any other places we visited.

When we had breakfast in our (not so) luxury B&B, Vicky and I went for a hike on Mount John, near Lake Tekapo. The air near this lake is so clear that the university has installed an observatory on this mountain. We hiked the 300 meters in altitude in just under 30 minutes – seems this month has helped my poor condition to get a little better. We had a coffee in the observatory (windy place!) and headed back to the village. Picked up some pie at the local bakery and drove off direction Christchurch.

A motivation message to improve the climbing effort
Motivational message :-)

In Geraldine forest, we had our picnic – and figured out that the bakery was not only selling fresh-baked stuff…

Our last B&B for this trip is the very lovely place: Charlotte Jane. With aperitif and canapes, we enjoyed the last afternoon in the sun (25c) and visited the local Italian for some great and food and wine. Christchurch is the city that has been struck by that earthquake last year, twice. Some places in the city still have signs thereof, but much to our surprise there are only limited of those locations. Seems this city has done all it can to get on with business.


Christchurch is the largest city on the Southern Island in New Zealand. It felt not at all like a big city. Of course different than the places we stayed in during the last days, but nothing that felt urban.

The knowledge that we would have to end this great trip made us enjoy that last evening even more. But all good things will come to an end: tomorrow is the big journey back. But more about that in the next blog!