Cabrera, Balearic Islands

On our adventures in the Balearic Islands, we explored Cabrera, a small island south of Mallorca.

We left Portocolom with excitement and anticipation. Twenty-four miles may not seem like much, but the journey is always more meaningful when tinged with the wild flavor of adventure. We saw the lighthouse of the harbor shrinking behind us as we sailed along the beautiful coast of Mallorca, its familiar sights becoming small specks on the horizon.

The area has restricted sailing and mooring, so we needed some paperwork first. Obtaining the paperwork was surprisingly simple. The online process was quick and easy. After getting the permit to sail in the natural park, we were all set. However, securing a mooring buoy in Cabrera Bay required more planning. The website was also user-friendly, but available slots were only available 20 days in advance. We’d heard stories about how charter companies frequently block unused slots. We got lucky and got a spot, but it was clear that a strategy was required for this part of the adventure.

Finally, with all of our needs met, we departed from Mallorca. The wind was on our side, blowing at a steady 15 knots from the east and nudging our ship toward our destination. The journey took about 5 hours, and the change in scenery was a visual feast. The turquoise water glistened in the sunlight, and the sight of the Cabrera islands emerging on the horizon was unforgettable.

Bagabonda arriving at Cabrera


Cabrera’s mooring (39° 8′ 55.3776” N, 2° 55′ 52.4388” E) was peaceful and secure. It’s nestled among the comfort of surrounding hills. Bagabonda bobbed gently on the calm waves, basking in the setting sun’s rays. We settled in for the evening, watching the sun set beyond the horizon and the skies change from a fiery orange to a deep, tranquil blue.

Mooring area at Cabrera

A thunderstorm, however, briefly interrupted the night’s peace. Sheets of rain pelted Bagabonda, and thunder echoed off the hills surrounding the bay. Despite the chaos, there was a thrill to it, an element of unpredictability that was essential to our adventure.

We awoke to a pleasant morning after the storm had passed. We decided to try out our new dinghy (more on that later) and went onshore. Some of us decided to take the path up to the castle, a risky venture given our footwear of choice – flip-flops! On the other hand, I preferred the peace of the small cafe near the dinghy dock, where I sipped my coffee and took in the peaceful morning atmosphere.

We said our goodbyes to Cabrera after a day of exploration and relaxation. We returned to Portocolom because the wind was still favorable. The image of the impressive island group was etched in our minds as we sailed away, a treasured memory of an unforgettable adventure.