When “for here or to go” has legal consequences…

When you visit South Korea, be prepared to meet coffee place staff being very insisting on getting an answer to the question “for here or to go.”

And that has not just a customer service reasoning behind it. South Korean law tries to limit the number of wasted cups.

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First impressions and things to visit in Seoul, South Korea

Second visit to Seoul, but this time more than a quick hit-and-run. So here’s what impressed me in at first in Seoul:

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A City trip to Istanbul, Turkey

Three days on the border of Europe and Asia. My first discovery of Istanbul, Turkey. Ending the year with a short break: Time to explore Constantinople.

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Tokyo – travel impressions

Tokyo is unlike any other city. Unique foods and atmosphere for a start.

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Hiroshima is unlike any place I visited. No other place had such a devastating attack against it civilians, and no other place has so much focus on peace, rather than seeking to blame the aggressor.

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Curacao, the Dutch-Caribbean mix

A short break in Curacao!

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Kyiv, Ukraine visit: impressions


A short business trip brought me to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. And while I know some Ukrainians, it was my first actual visit to the country.

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Safari in Kenya – Masai Mara

My first trip to the East Coast of Africa brought me to Masai Mara in Kenya. New countries, new continents, and tons of animals roaming free. .What more can I ask?

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Driving in Panama – a car adventure

Driving in Panama, it’s an adventure. And maybe the bus is a better option, and here’s why.

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Grizzly bears – Brown bears, Alaska

Grizzly bears were the reason why I flew from New York to Alaska. I wanted to meet the real version of the teddy bear!

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