Lights in New Plymouth, New Zealand

After we conquered Mordor yesterday, we had a more relaxed day today, that ended with shining light, and Vicky not feeling too well
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Fairy Tales in New Zealand

A new day down under, where we must sign contracts to take pictures, where we get in touch with the local law and where the day ends in a chateau in a national park far-far-away. Read more

Life is good in New Zealand

A new adventurous day for Koen and Vicky in New Zealand. Today, the theme is luxurious living :-) Rotorua is the place where that happens.

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Fawlty Towers in New Zealand

The continued adventures of Koen and Vicky in New Zealand. Today featuring a dynamited dolphin, an extremely large tree and probably the worst hotel in this country!

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Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Part 2 of the New Zealand adventures. We left Auckland on the 7th of January for the Bay of Islands. Read more

New Zealand 1: Auckland

The last leg of our adventure to New Zealand started with nearly missing the flight in Hong Kong. But we made it and 60 hours after taking of in Brussels, we touched down to start a journey we had been planning for the last 12 months.

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Pack and Go!

The first days of 2011: our countdown to a (well deserved!) long holiday in New Zealand. Kind of surreal, packing summer clothes while sneezing and recovering from a flue… Read more

New Zealand – here we come

Some of you have heard of our plans to take a long break next year. All arrangements have now been made, we are so ready to leave on our long awaited trip to New Zealand in a couple of months.

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Seattle impressions

Yellowstone - Mammonth Springs

Minerva Terrace – Mammoth Hot Springs

On the way from Bozeman to Yellowstone Park, one of the most interesting stops, is Minerva Terrace.

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