The new Dinghy on the Bagabonda

Preparing Bagabonda Sailing Vessel

Preparing Bagabonda was a job that took longer, was more expensive, and included more administrative tasks than I had hoped for.

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I’ve visited Lisbon a few times over the past year and could take some cool images.

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The SV Bagabonda!

Discover Antwerp underground

The open sewers that crossed the major axes of Antwerp in the middle ages have been covered by Napoleon. The city of Antwerp now makes it possible to visit these underground sewers and see the city from a different angle.

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Sailing in Croatia

After a crazy summer, time for a break in Croatia!

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A ship enters the Panama canal locks at Agua Clara

Panama Canal – the locks at Agua Clara

One of the more impressive constructions to visit in Panama is the locks of the Panama Canal at Agua Clara.

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Busan Ferry to Fukuoka, Japan

And so, our stay in South Korea came to an end. Ready to cross the Sea of Japan, and continue the journey in Japan. First stop: Fukuoka.

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Busan, South Korea

Busan City – the gateway to Japan

After acclimatization to South Korea in Seoul, time to move south. Busan is the Koreas second-largest city. At the center a commercial and fishing harbor. It’s also the place where you can take the ferry to Fukuoka, Japan.

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When “for here or to go” has legal consequences…

When you visit South Korea, be prepared to meet coffee place staff being very insisting on getting an answer to the question “for here or to go.”

And that has not just a customer service reasoning behind it. South Korean law tries to limit the number of wasted cups.

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First impressions and things to visit in Seoul, South Korea

Second visit to Seoul, but this time more than a quick hit-and-run. So here’s what impressed me in at first in Seoul:

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