Bagabonda SV

Welcome aboard Bagabonda Sailing Vessel!

Numerous books help you get the most out of your sailing adventure and boat. We’ve purchased our fair share of both good and bad books. Here’s our pick, along with our (personal) thoughts on it:

Maneuvering at close quarters under power – Bill Johnson

This book was with me when I began taking a harbor maneuvering course in Belgium. And it proved useful when learning the various techniques. And since maneuvring is still among the most stressful elements of sailing, this book is well worth buying.

The Voyager Handbook – Beth Leonard

According to many sailors, the Voyager Handbook by Beth Leonard is a book that should be on board any sailing vessel. On board Bagabonda, this proved to be one of the more valuable books. It’s within reach at any moment and is a great read when on watch. I’ve learned something every time I take the book in hand.

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