Bagabonda SV

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About the boat

Sailing Yacht Bagabonda docked in Port Grimaud

Bagabonda is an Amel Santorin.


An Amel is a unique boat. People who sail an Amel (Amelians, as they call themselves) are, in one way or another, fans of Henri Amel. The story of Amel reads like a thriller. The young resistance fighter of world war II becomes a visionary designer and builder of blue ocean sailboats.

Amels garner unwavering dedication from their owners, earning them the moniker “cult boats” frequently. Some of the design elements are distinctive, and practically all of them, in my opinion, are advancements over conventional boat design.

Amel Santorin

Between 1989 and 1997, Les Chantiers Amel built around 150 of the Amel Santorins. Bagabonda was the 20th Santorin they produced. 

Dimensions of the Amel Santorin Bagabonda

LOA: 14 m. (45 feet 11″)
Hull lenght: 13.8 m. (45 ft 4″)
Waterline length: 10.7 m. (35 ft 1″)
Beam: 4 m (13 ft 1″)
Draft: 1.9 m. (6 ft 2″)
Maximum displacement: 11000 kg (24251 lb)
Ballast weight: 3700 kg (8157 lb)

Specifications of the Amel Santorin Bagabonda

    • Monohull offshore cruising sailboat
    • Sloop version of the Amel (1 mast)
    • Center cockpit (one of the main reasons why I was attracted at first by Amel) 
    • 2 Cabins
    • 800 L (211 gal) freshwater capacity
    • A 50HP Diesel Engine
    • 400 L (106 gal) Fuel tank

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