New Zealand 1: Auckland

The last leg of our adventure to New Zealand started with nearly missing the flight in Hong Kong. But we made it and 60 hours after taking of in Brussels, we touched down to start a journey we had been planning for the last 12 months.

Being 60 hours en route from Brussels to Auckland is because of our long break in Hong Kong. More about that in a later blog…

We picked up our rental car in the airport, finding out soon that some habits of left-hand-car-drivers are hard to control when getting in a right-hand-driven car. Thanks it’s an automatic, because gear changing with my left hand is something I’ve never done before. Roundabouts are a particular new thing to learn, when changing sides of the road. Getting to the center of Auckland without hitting anything at all can be seen as the first major achievement of this trip. But the Toyota RAV4 we have here, has no scratch so far. We’ll keep it that way.

With our fatigue (caused by the changed timezone: +12h) we decided to leave the car in the garage of our hotel and to explore the city on foot. We spend a good part of the day in the Sky Tower in the center of Auckland. Pictures under in this blog.

We stayed in a nice hotel at the waterfront of Auckland. The waterfront has a lot of cafés and cosy restaurants. So we ended this first day, exhausted but happy to be on vacation, with a superb meal at one of the nice restos here.

More to follow!


Auckland Harbor Bridge

The glass floor in the skytower, Auckland

PS: I will blog when/if I feel like it. I have a small notebook with me, but bringing it all in a blog after all these adventures, takes more time than I am willing to spend. So expect more delays. We are having a great time here…

PS2: Pictures can be found on Flickr


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