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The Vernadsky base – and the most southern bar

On the Antarctic Peninsula, the Vernadsky Base is the most active scientific base I had the honor of visiting during my trip to Antarctica. It’s unlike any other base I’ve seen there!

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The travel to Antarctica begins!

Before I made it onto Antarctica, there were 6 days underway in a small sailboat.
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De Gerlache

Being a Belgian on the Antarctic waters can not go without thinking about Adrien De Gerlache at certain moments. I choose to take his book “15 months on Antarctica” with me on this trip. Refreshing my French and at the same time reading about one of the first people who came where we are now, is not a bad combination:

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My first steps on Antarctica

It took us six long days on our small sailboat, but finally I could set foot on land in Antarctica.

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You can follow me (mostly) disconnected from Technology for a month

My expedition to Antarctica will be a month of reduced contact with the outside world. I’m trying to disconnect and go a month without technology flows.
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Antarctica crowdfunding, first extra reached!

When I started my Kickstarter campaign two weeks ago, I had a minimum goal of $3500, and wasn’t at all sure I’d make that. It turned out that I underestimated you all…
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The multiplied power of a dollar

By now you probably already know that I’m running a crowd funding campaign for my Antarctica Expedition of early next year. But did you know that donating just one dollar can be worth several more in the campaign?
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Penguins on Antarctica

Many hands make light work! Crowdfunding for Antarctica Expedition

My Antarctica expedition is getting closer now, so I’m calling on al who care to assist in realizing the dream.
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Penguin near camera gear

Antarctic Expedition Countdown

Anticipation is part of the fun of a travel project. I’m happy to announce one of my next travel plans. An Antarctic Expedition!

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