Boarding Today is an initiative by Koen Blanquart. Our aim is to bring you unique stories about travel, digital nomad lifestyle, experience projects, and photography. We try to create a dialogue with readers about these topics and encourage motivated people to become guest bloggers for the site.

Boarding today brings Koen’s experiences as a world traveler, whether he travels by train, plane, automobile, or by sailing boat.

Nomadic life and books

The whole idea started when Koen realized that being part of the rat race until retirement and then hoping health and wealth would allow a traveling lifestyle could as well be replaced by a nomadic lifestyle, where he could work from anywhere. Koen became a digital nomad. And he was intrigued by the lifestyle, that he used the experiences, interviews, and interactions with nomads on the one hand and the input he had from colleague-managers and HR specialists lead to the creation of books discussing the ways we can a better workplace. (The book, Suitcase office, was published by Pelckmans in Dutch as Thuisvoordeel)

SV Bagadonda

The Boarding Today website is also the home for the adventures of SV BAGABONDA.

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