Penguins on Antarctica

100 days till antarctica

Travel to Antarctica

The small sailboat will leave in Ushuaia on February 1. Our experienced skipper will take the small crew of 8, including myself, via the Beagle channel, into the Drake Passage on our way to below 65 degrees south, into Antarctica! Pretty proud that our impact on the environment is pretty low, as we’ll sail most of the trip. An adjusting in comfort as well, most probably…

The birthday

I will celebrate my next birthday (nope, not telling) on Petermanns Island. I’ll have 3000 Gentoo Penguins at my party!

Image by Liam Quinn - used under Common Creative License. (
Image by Liam Quinn – used under Common Creative License. (
Petermans Island
Photographer: Steve Forrest
Credit: NOAA NMFS SWFSC Antarctic Marine Living Resources (AMLR) Program


One of the projects I’m thinking about is to publish a book – with pictures, of course – when I get back. The fragility of our ecosystems being the theme of my recent work, that’ll probably be the idea behind it. I might consider doing my first Kickstarter project ever, to get that started. Stay tuned.

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If you know of outdoor brands that can support me out there or camera brands that like to test their equipment under rather cold conditions, I’d be happy to meet them! And of course, keep an eye on the blog. The book and the campaign to fund it will be part of my discussions over the next months.

Image by Michelle Maria. Used with permission from
Image by Michelle Maria. Used with permission from
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